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        Taking  off my boots,

        I walked barefoot:

        Every stone became


                      -- Matuseku

An Offering to You 

of Books at No Cost

     I am pleased to offer to you the following three books, which are published only on this website.  You may read any or all of them here on these pages.
     The first is my most recent book, The Only Christian Century.  It was published in 2020.  It is a call to see the truth of how Christianity ceased to follow the teachings of Jesus and pursued less noble goals.  It explains why the Christian churches of our time are so different in spirit and in practice from the community of followers that Jesus established before his death.
     The second book is an ongoing collection of essays on aspects of the spiritual life, in the context of our own times.  It is intended for readers of all religions or of no religion.  It is entitled Truth, Power, and Need.
     The third book is an older book, from 2013, written when I was a practicing Christian.  It is an analysis and commentary on Psalm 95.  It aims to bring the reader to understand his or her relation to Divinity.  It is entitled Let Us Approach Him.
     To open the first and the second book, your device must be able to open Microsoft Word. The third book is in .PDF format.
     Click on the button below which displays the title you want.
     I am Matthew, and I am glad that you are visiting us on this site.  I hope that you find something of value to you here as you continue to grow in spirit.
     Each of us grows in spirit in a unique way.  The course of development for each person is different.  For, our intimately personal spiritual lives and the experiences which we have when we are paying attention to our deepest hearts are unique to each of us.  This uniqueness, however, does not prevent us from speaking with each other--with others like ourselves who are also seeking the fullness of life.
      The purpose of this website is to offer a place where we and other seekers after the fullness of life can reflect in language about those "noticings" which we all make of the reality of things--those experiences which we recognize to be somehow meaningful, somehow opening toward the depth of things.  
     So, the conversation is open to all who wish to participate in it.  Of necessity, I will take a leading role, writing posts and articles now and then which I offer as stimuli of our conversations on those topics.  But I am no master of anything, and you and everyone else who cares to participate seriously are also invited to write articles for publication here, or to write responses and comments on what others have previously written.
     My only request is that what you write be peaceful, true to your understanding of your spiritual life, and respectful of others and of their truth.  A  person can disagree with someone else's opinion without being disagreeable.

Available now are TWO BOOKS, offered at no cost, elsewhere on this page .

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in .PDF format

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     If you would like to submit a post or an article,  please click on the "Contact Forms" button, and then select "Post" or "Submit an Article."  Your post or article should be written in English, and be governed by the principle that it should be "peaceful, true to your understanding of your spiritual life, and respectful of others and of their truth.  A  person can disagree with someone else's opinion without being disagreeable."


By Matthew Skulicz.  An examination of what we think we know.


By Matthew Skulicz.  An exploration of the nature of true freedom.

PLUS an extensive reader's comment.
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By Matthew Skulicz.  A discussion of dying and death, and of our ways of dealing with these.