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Submit an Article

An Article is the presentation of an idea which has many facets and implications.  Articles are generally written in a traditional essay format, so that the implications and extensions of the main idea can be discussed extensively and in depth.  But I am open to other exploratory methods of presentation which accomplish the same general objectives of the traditional essay.

You may send me an Article in one of two ways.  

1.  Type your Article using MS Word.  Your MS Word file may contain images and drawings.  It must be less than 15 MB of memory.  --  Then you can upload your MS Word file in the Submissions Form below.  

2.  The other way is to type your Article directly  into the blank text box on the Submissions Form below.  This option, however, gives you less control of formatting and typos, and the process may be too demanding for the recording of longer pieces of writing.

To continue, please click the button below, which will open the Submissions Form to you.

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