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This site was originally conceived as a place where seekers of the attainable reality of peace and freedom could exchange their experiences of integrated life, of coming to the knowledge of divinity, and of the realization of What Is in the world.  The societal events of the past two years have cast a new light on our seeking, a light which illuminates a vision of collective peace and freedom based on mutual respect and on acknowledgement of the realities in which our lives play out. 


We appear to be on a social threshold, and the way, still shadowy and blurred, seems to lead toward two polestars.  The one is Destruction.  The other is Dignity for All.  In such a moment, our personal seeking does not proceed in ignorance of our mutual situation nor of the suffering of our brothers and sisters.  We see then with two eyes, the one seeking wholeness in What Is, and the other seeking to understand and to aid our sisters and brothers in their way, and ours, to peace and freedom.

This site then has two foci.  The one is on the search for wholeness and integration.  The other is on the search for the societal path forward into truth and dignity.  All are welcome to contribute to this respectful exchange of insights, either by commenting directly on a post or by offering an article of your own to be posted.

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