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You can do two things on this page:

     --   Send me a BLOG POST that you have written, to be published inour Blog.

     --   Send me an ARTICLE that you have written, to be published on the front page.



1. All submissions must be in English.  Use slang and vulgarity judiciously and purposefully.

2. The guiding principle is that your writing should be "peaceful, true to your understanding of your spiritual life, and respectful of others and of their understanding.  A  person can disagree with someone else's opinion without being disagreeable." 

3.  Uploaded files must be in MS Word format, unprotected, so that I can make simple edits for form.  Before publication, I will format your file as protected.  Please copyright your work if you wish. 

4. By submitting a piece of writing here, you affirm that you are the named author of the submitted work and that submission of your writing to this website constitutes your permission that your work may be published here.

5.  By submitting a piece of writing here, you affirm that the writing is entirely your own work and that the sources of the work of other persons included in your writing have been documented, per convention.

6.  Every piece of writing will be seriously considered for compliance with these groundrules.  Submitting a piece of writing does not guarantee that it will be published.


An Original  Submission for Publication on this Website
Please do not  use this form to respond to someone else's views.  It will be easier for you to click on the CONTACT US button in the banner on this page.  Then click on "Comment on a Posting."
What type of writing  are you submitting?  (Please check one)                BLOG POST
UPLOAD an MS Word file containing your  submission. Your submission may include images and illustrations. (Preferred Method.)  Click on this button to begin the process.


Upload WORD file
AND FINALLY, to submit your work, click this SEND button.

Success! Your submission has been received.

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