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the price of slavery

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Comments on The Price of Slavery

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10/31/20  11:04 AM
Ted Kozlowski

Another excellent contribution to those who find it and are contemplating how we might repair our national discord, concretely with steps to make the aggrieved whole (i.e. the survivors of racist oppression.)

  Plenty of good quotes in the essay and each paragraph seems to make clear its point, its purpose for being written.  Below,  a bunch I appreciate:

"Nothing in these data can explain the disparities between the imprisonment of black men and white men except that they result from the focused, wilful, and organized efforts of law enforcement to find reason to bring as many black men into the criminal justice system as they can."  --The typical poorly informed reader/viewer needs to see this agenda explained over and over.  Explanations are available.  One, Matt Taibbi's "I Can't Breathe," about the murder of Eric Garner and the deadly context behind that, is on my books "runway," and I hope I can make it take off when I open it. Plus, many, more essays since the Trayvon Martin case gained national attention.

"... White Privilege and White Supremacy are not aberrant modes of behavior for Americans.  They are simply normal forms of American social behavior among people of all classes and skin colors..."   And, this dominant aspect of American social behavior has supplied material for a cascade of our literature.

"Any white person who shares in or has shared in the fruits of White Privilege...cannot excuse themselves from the burden of enslavement on which the concepts of White Privilege and White Slavery are founded. For they benefit from this social system from which slavery and its continuing burden derive." Amen. Of course, this finding is constantly denied by the bought brains of major beneficiaries, and less skillfully down the ladder, "but with guns"(?)

  "In this present time, the reality is as it has always been: The powerful gather what the ordinary ones cannot defend or hold onto."  What a strong riff!

"In the third --ideal-- option.... we Americans begin to treat all other Americans as individual people, rather than as members of prejudged groups  ...our fellow Americans respect each other not only for our shared values, but also for our cultural differences."  I voted for that.

   Well, all that you wrote in between my selections above expanded the points with many more observations and yes, teachings.  It would be great to have this essay gain wider audiences by re-postings or reprintings, of course.

Thanks again !    Ted

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